I first learned of Anna while at work when two of my coworkers were talking about her in the breakroom. One was diagnosed with cancer and sought natural healing and told me how Anna has helped her and several of her friends!

When I myself had laryngitis that would not go away I went to GenevaWoods to find out what was going on and was told I had GERD and was put on Nexium which made me sick, and then I had an endoscope stuck down my throat to check my stomach which was expensive - not to mention having to be put under.

I had my diagnosis so I finally went to Anna for some help to see what she would say. I was surprised to hear what she said, I followed her advice and my problem dissapeared in a few days and I have not had any problem since - that was about 5-6 years ago.

I have since asked Anna for help for my family and friends and they have found amazing results! I appreciate her amazing insight and advice and I hope you do too!

James Demers
Google Review

The more I get into Alternative Healing and Health, the more sense these sources become important and vital. Anna's is one of the best out there, Anna works there and is very helpful and provides much insight, esp. to those that are just getting familiar with this wonderful lifestyle and source (I can't find a better word yet, apologies). This is one of the very few places you can buy 'food-grade hydrogen peroxide' and although she is closing out on her books, she has some great ones and then the free literature is amazing. She has a variety of free samples so that you can get familiar with the products, try some of the stuff she carries. I also buy the cayenne pepper, it's one of the highest levels of heat around, adding it to my teas and broths (esp. when your stuffed up or feeling ill). If anything, try Anna's once and spend some time getting to know her store, it is impressive with all the stuff she carries in that little place and how helpful the staff is in finding what you are looking for.

Anita E. on Yelp.com

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